green credentials

Moyne recognise that our business may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment and promoting the understanding of sustainability in its broadest context. We know it is more effective to minimise waste at source.

Energy and Water Saving

  • Lights are switched of wherever possible
  • Signs are clearly labelled over light switches to promote saving energy
  • We use energy efficient bulbs
  • Radiators have adjustable controls
  • Taps, pipes and toilets are regularly checked for any possible leaks and repaired immediately


  • With multi-drop deliveries, we plan our routes carefully to reduce the mileage and therefore our carbon emissions
  • Where possible we promote the use of public transport, cycling or walking as the preferred form of transport for staff
  • We promote car share where possible

Waste Reduction

  • Moyne use electronic communications wherever possible. This saves on both paper and also carbon miles for postage
  • Once a toner is empty it is recycled at our local recycling branch
  • Where possible we re-use paper – redundant paper is used as office notebooks rather than disposing or recycling the paper
  • Exhibition waste including packaging, metal, wood & carpets are recycled


  • All paper used in our offices has been recycled
  • The ink we purchase for our peripherals are low in VOC’s
  • Where possible we try to purchase goods and services locally, to help the local economy and to reduce carbon miles