Here is a sample of some of the questions we are frequently asked by Organisers. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for here or on our site please contact us.

I am organising an exhibition overseas do you provide services outside the UK?

We frequently provide our services overseas and we have been proven to be more cost effective than many local contractors. We have Italian and French speaking operatives. To see the places where we have worked View clients & destinations.

When do I have to confirm your services?

There is no specific deadline however our availability is determined by the exhibitions scheduled in our diary and the requirement to produce order forms for exhibitors services – this is normally five months before the exhibition. View how we work.

When will payment be required for my exhibition services?

Payment is required in advance of the exhibition to cover the commitments we make to pay Hall mains charges and labour costs. Additional site orders are invoiced after the exhibition and are payable within 14 days of receipt of our invoice. View how we work.

How do you calculate the cost per m of shell scheme?

There are many factors which determine the unit price of our shell scheme. These could be the size of the show, the geographical location, the time of the year, the chosen stand system, the length of contract and the exhibitor’s requirements for shell scheme fittings and electrical services. View how we work.

Can you design my floorplan and manage my amendments?

We hold the ground plans for all major venues and have a library of sample plans. If appointed to provide your exhibition services we provide the initial layout and up to 10 sets of amendments free of charge. View floorplans.

I require design visuals and costs for my feature areas, do you build features?

Moyne Exhibitions has an in house custom build workshop that produce features and custom build stands to an exceptionally high standard. If Moyne has been appointed to build the features at your exhibition we will do our utmost to accommodate your design requirements. This includes taking a brief for the feature design, providing a choice of up to three designs and up to 10 changes of sponsors branding per agreed feature design free of charge. View features.

I want to differentiate theme areas of the show, what do you suggest?

Our range of stand systems provide the opportunity to differentiate sections of the exhibition. We offer a range of different shell schemes, name board designs and carpet options. Different styles and / or colours of stand system can be used for each area. View stand systems.

I want to provide exhibitors with a range of options for Space Only sites, do you provide bespoke designs?

We provide a range of shell scheme and custom build stands for Space Only sites. The stand designs can be provided in size ranges and can come complete with lighting, electrics, furniture and graphics. View custom build stand designs.

My event is outdoors, can you help?

We have organised many outdoor events. Our electricians are very experienced in working with generators and specialist cabling for installations. Our electrical stock includes all the necessary equipment for large scale outdoor events. We provide a full management service providing everything from track way to loos to signage and stalls. View outdoor events.

I am organising a group participation at an exhibition, can you build our stand?

We build group pavilions in a range of different stand systems and transport them to destinations worldwide. Furniture, electrics, graphics, carpet and AV can be incorporated within the design. Design visuals showing the branding and package elements are provided for each stand on the pavilion. Our service includes liaison with stand holders to assist with individual requirements. View shell scheme stands.

Do you provide an online ordering system for exhibitors?

Moyne Exhibition’s Exhibitor Zone is a secure online order site. The payment information provided by exhibitors is encrypted and the site has a security certificate. Exhibitors are provided with a show pass code to access the order forms and place orders for electrics, stand fittings and furniture. View online ordering.

My exhibition has a requirement for meeting rooms do you build these?

Our meeting rooms are built in shell scheme or custom build to the organiser’s specification. We have developed a range of furniture packages specifically for meeting rooms. View furniture packages.